Steep Hike


MONDAY – June 29th  –  We woke up early and got ready for a steep hike up the mountain.  With the dinghy securely anchored just off the beach we made our way up the trail.  Skylar just cruised up and Ava did an awesome job climbing all the rocks and roots.  The view from the top was incredible!  We spent a lot of time just looking out across the water and all the islands. 

As we continued on the ridge trail we came upon a rope swing someone had hung in a tree.  It was the best rope swing we have ever been on and the setting couldn’t have been better.  We all took turns swinging as high as we could.  Even Ava loved it.

We cruised back down the trail and had lunch at the boat.  Our plan today is to cross Rosario Strait and shoot through Deception Pass so we can make our way to LaConner for a meeting with American Tugs.  To be safe you should time your passage through Deception Pass for slack water.  Current in the pass can run 8 knots and if wind opposes current it can create large steep waves that can be very dangerous.  Our plan is to wait for slack tide, so we waited in Watmough Bay until the time was right.

We had a smooth passage through Deception Pass narrows, into the Swinomish Channel and up to LaConner – American Tugs docks.  Dinner at the LaConner brewing company was great and we all had fun walking around the town.



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