Crime Scene


Tuesday August 14th – Time to head south. Leaving Dent, we have to wait for slack water until 12:30. Skylar heard from one of the care takers kids that there was spot that you can fish for Lingcod off the shore. So, Zach and Skylar set out through the trail to go find the magic spot. They returned a couple hours later with 1 nice fish. Skylar said it was tough getting the fish to shore without it diving in the rocks then when he got it there, he wasn’t prepared. They had no way to kill it. They wanted a painless death so using a Leatherman knife they “stabbed it in the brain, killing it instantly then cut the gills to bleed it out” (their words). Zach said it looked like “a crime scene.”

Saying farewell to Dent Island, we traveled south though Yuculta Rapids headed for Walsh Cove. Along the way whales pop up and we all stop our boats to watch them slowly slip by us. An awesome sight.

Anchored in Walsh Cove we all prep the tenders for some salmon fishing in the channel. After a couple hours all we had on the line are those squirrely Dog Fish. But it sure was a nice calm relaxing evening.

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