Lucky Day


Tuesday July 2nd. About 10am the rain started to come down and at the same time we vacated our slip at Roche Harbor. Roche Harbor said they don’t take reservations for the 4th and they kick everyone out of the marina on the 2nd then it’s a 3-night minimum. Fortunately, we were able to get on the wait list the day before, but we had no idea if we would be able to get back in.

With the rain pouring down we anchored in the bay and waited for Roche to call us back in. A couple hours went by before we started hearing other boats calling in on the radio with “reservations”. Never did figure out what the deal was, except that it sounds like if you were “in” somehow with Roche, or you have been coming there for years on the 4th, you could make reservations. We were not so lucky.

5pm we finally got a call that they had really good spot for us. They put us on the outside of the breakwater with 2 other boats. The best view in the house for watching the fireworks! Turns out we were lucky!

We spent the next fun filled 3 nights at Roche surrounded by some seriously festive boaters. They were all decked out, especially on the 4th, almost everyone was dressed up in celebration of Independence Day! Super fun to see, but we should have been much more prepared. We did the loop hike a couple more times, but our biggest adventure was a 10.2-mile hike Julie, Ava and I did around Lake Roche Harbor. We didn’t think it would be that long but once we were in it there was no turning back. Ava did especially well, the girl can hike!

We had a nice time meeting up with some friends who were staying at the Seattle Yacht Club docks, then at 10:30pm the show started. The fireworks barge was right in front of our boat. It was incredible, we sat on top of our boat with an unobstructed view of a long, loud and brightly lit show. Super fun and a great way to celebrate Independence Day!


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