Sneaky Salmon


Monday August 12th 2019 – Time to put those newfound fishing techniques to the test as we head out to the Strait of Georgia for some salmon fishing. Skylar and I were all jacked up on our newfound knowledge from a salmon fishing techniques book be recently acquired. Soon the line went zinging and Skylar grabbed the pole for a fight that left the squirmy Coho swimming off with his life just as he got to the boat. But at least we know they are around. Then the line went off again. This time we were prepared for their sneaky ways and managed to get one in the net just before it was time to head to our destination for the night.

We managed to make our way south to Silva Bay’s Pages Marina where we snagged a nice dock spot for the next couple nights.

Tuesday August 13th – Our friends Todd and Tami were also making their way south, so they met up with us for the night in Silva Bay. Julie and I decided we would make everyone dinner using the bounty of the sea and land. We prepped the salmon caught the night before and set some shrimp pots. Ava and Julie headed off to pick blackberries for a cobbler and came back with more than we knew what to do with. We cooked it all up and had an amazing dinner with friends.

Wed Aug 14th – Our friends continued south while we decided to stay put for another night. Julie and I went salmon fishing in the dinghy and caught one nice pink that fought like crazy.

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