The Hippies Float In


Sunday August 4th 2019 – We left the cut and headed for Grace Harbor just about an hour away. We anchored and immediately went fishing in the dinghy. Julie was lucky enough to get a nice Lingcod. After cleaning the fish, we hung out then got ready and took the dinghies to the Laughing Oyster for dinner. One of the only nice dinner places in the area, the Laughing Oyster is always a lot of fun. About a 20-minute dinghy ride from our anchorage, we had no problem getting there, but coming home requires some good timing as to not get caught in the dark. If you time it right, you can cruise back with the sun set casting a beautiful sky.

Monday August 5th – 9am fishing where we all got skunked, well except Julie got another one! The Steel family left for Campbell River where they were going to leave the boat and fly home for about a week. We relaxed in the sun then Skylar and I went fishing again but still didn’t catch anything. Julie called us on the radio saying that a sailboat had anchored super close to us. I figured she was exaggerating. Upon our arrival it was evident she was not exaggerating (not this time). The bay was pretty empty, but these guys felt compelled to snuggle up right along our port side. Super weird but that’s not the worst of it. They were loud, the kids were screaming and squealing, and they were swimming right between our boat and theirs while the parents paid no attention to anything. We waited a while thinking they would calm down, but it didn’t happen. Then the icing on the cake. The kids decided swimming naked was in order, and there was no objection by the parents. I’m not talking the little baby kind of swimming naked, the you should know better kind. We were not about to witness the Hippie commune
all night, so we pulled anchor and high tailed it out of there to a quiet anchorage in Tenedos Bay.

Tuesday August 6th – We stayed in Tenedos another night, lounged around, swam in a little cove, made some phone calls, and took a dinghy trip to Refuge Cove. It was a little windy for the dinghy ride but between the wind and spray we got ourselves into a pod of dolphins that followed our wake for a couple miles. They were amazing! Jumping and playing in our wake they were so close and all around us. We had dinner at Refuge, got rid of garbage, and stocked up on some groceries although they were completely out of vegetables. You never know what you are going to get at these remote stores. That night the whole family hung out on top of boat watching stars and the calm silence of the wilderness.

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