Two Parties


Friday August 2nd 2019 – We Left Prideaux Haven in some much-needed sunny skies and cruised over to “The Cut” with Todd and Tami. A favorite anchorage of ours that’s small and usually super quiet. After anchoring and settling in we made some fish tacos from a rock fish Skylar caught earlier that day. With the heat of the sun finally warming air we took off for some fishing in the dinghy but got distracted by a pod of Orca whales cruising the area. A calm dry night at the cut was a refreshing change.

Saturday August 3rd – The last year of the Prideaux Haven concert. For many years, on the first Saturday in August, some people in a large yacht put on a concert on the back of their boat, while anchored in Prideaux Haven. It’s a lot of fun watching over 100 dinghies form a mass of boats all tied together at the back of their boat to watch the show, but this was the last year. We stayed at the cut another night to dinghy over and witness the wild bunch. We all had a great time swimming off the dinghies to cool off, listening to music and watching the crazies. But after it was over, we started a party of our own back on our boat, a glow party!! Julie smuggled a bunch of glow stuff onboard before we left. Glow sticks, neon decorations and of course black lights decorated the entire boat in a glow fest that got the party going. It was all great fun!

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