Final Days


Tuesday August 28th – We abandoned the big city for 2 more nights in the wilderness. Leaving Seattle, we headed for Blake Island just a short distance away.

It was nice to get back to the outdoors for the last part of our trip. Actually, it’s a tradition. We always leave Seattle after school shopping and stay a couple nights at Blake before heading home.

After arriving in a snug little spot on the dock we hung out watching all the boats come and go. We spent the next couple days just relaxing on the beach, doing some fishing and prepping the boat for our arrival home. But of course, Blake wouldn’t be complete without our annual hike all the way around the island which is about 5 miles.

Thursday August 30th – After 53 days on the boat it was time to go home. You get used to it. It becomes your home, like everyday life with lots of chores and things to fix. None of us really wanted to go home, I felt like it would be so easy to just point the bow north again and stay out for a few more weeks. But those pesky kids have to start school. Speaking of pesky kids, I can’t say enough how difficult and rewarding it is to be stuck on a boat with your kids for 53 days. It creates a bond that’s hard to achieve when at home everyone does their own thing. Julie and I wouldn’t trade it for anything and amazingly the kids feel the same way, at least most of the time!

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