Sunday July 28th 2019 – Time to get Skylar back to the hospital for a checkup. We left Squirrel Cove to arrive at the Powell River West View Marina about noon. We took a taxi to the hospital for Skylar’s 3pm apt. The surgeon was very concerned about infection and he wanted to make, Read More

Thursday July 25th 2019 – It’s Skylar’s Birthday!! And he is now officially an adult. At 18 I’m not sure if you can really say that, but legally I guess he is. For his birthday he wanted to go to Squirrel Cove about 2 hours away. He loves the rope swing at Squirrel and, Read More

Monday July 22nd 2019 – Today we are off headed north again to Blind Channel. Getting to Blind requires some planning. Yuculta and Dent rapids provide a gateway that must be transited at or near slack water. These rapids are nothing to mess with, they have and will sink boats in their massive whirlpools., Read More