The final leg of our trip was finally here.  One more push form Seattle to Tacoma Yacht Club, our home port.  I woke up, went outside and decided to wash the boat at Bell Harbor before we left.  When we get back to our home slip its always a challenge to finish up cleaning, Read More

After an 11 hour day on the boat yesterday, we would have experienced mutiny from our children had we just taken off for the 3 hour trip to Seattle this morning.  The Everett Marina is actually located on the Snohomish River with Jetty Island Park located across the river from the guest docks.  This little island, Read More

We woke up knowing we needed to make some miles south but how far we could not decide.  Do we cross the straight?  No, wind forecast was for 30 knots in the afternoon right when we would get there.  At 9:20am we took off deciding to go through Rosario Straight then through Deception Pass.