Monday July 15 – We departed Buccaneer Bay and headed for Back Eddy Marina in Egmont. We had a wonderful cruise northeast where the dock staff at the marina was waiting for our arrival. Egmont is a tiny little town, if you can call it that. After a 15-minute walk to the store, we provisioned up with their limited supply of fruits and veggies. But the real score was the info we gained from the clerk on where to go for dinner. He said we had to go to the West Coast Wilderness Lodge and get the Beef Wellington. On our walk home we stopped by the lodge to check it out and make reservations. Surprisingly, it was a really nice lodge that looked like a great place for dinner.

We chilled on the boat for a while waiting for our dinner reservations then headed back to the lodge. The view from our outdoor table was amazing and the food matched the view. Our informant was right. The Beef Wellington was really good. The only thing a little funky was the waiter who was very talkative in a TMI sort of way. He forgot a few things then blamed it on the fact that he was on prescription pain killers. However, he was very nice, and I guess you get what you get in the wilderness.


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