Day 6 would be spent in Nanaimo all day.  We needed to re-provision and get the boat ready for the next leg of our adventure, another 100 miles north.   Washing the boat and getting everything ship shape all morning long was no fun for the kids but it had to be done.

Day 5 required some careful planning to transit Dodd Narrows.  This narrow passage just south of Nanaimo flows a lot of water creating some serious rapids during certain times of the tide cycle.  11:47am is slack tide, so leaving Montague we needed to schedule our passage to arrive right around that time. 

Day 4 had us sleeping in and making toasted English muffins with fresh crab! As we were getting ready to leave I got a call from Julie.  She was almost in tears saying she and the kids would not be able to make the flight to Nanaimo.