Abort the Mission


Wednesday August 7th 2019- Skylar leg is healing nicely! He’s now able to carefully walk around, and the pain is much better. We decided to leave Tenedos and get even more remote. Skylar has been reading about Forbs bay about 1.5 hours north east. It’s not at all protected but the weather seemed settled for now. We pulled into the bay and the wind had of course kicked up. I found what I thought was a good spot to anchor and explained my plan to Julie and Skylar. It turned out to be a complete disaster. Trying to anchor in the wind with the current ripping through the bay and take a stern line to shore was a complete S@*t show and a major fail. I finally abandoned my plan, pulled anchor and went to the other side of the bay with my tail between my legs. Here the chart showed drying land, but it looked fine and I took the risk. We anchored in a fantastic spot with a creek coming out right at our stern. The chart showed we were on land, but we had plenty of depth.

For the next 2 nights we explored the area. It got a little scarry while on land because this was bear country. Part of the area was the Klahoose First Nation land and they even had a little makeshift camp setup where you could tell they use it from time to time. The red air horn sitting in the camp was a good indication you better watch your back for bears, so we limited our time exploring in the woods.

The second day brought some more wind in the outer bay which limited our fishing excursion. Skylar and I searched for some huckleberries staying alert and ready to fend off any bears.

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