Tuesday July 31st – The hot weather just keeps rolling. Day after day now of high 80’s to low 90’s has us in the water swimming a lot. So, we decided to stay in the warm Desolation Sound and headed to Tenedos for a few nights. We made the short run then anchored tucked, Read More

Christmas Day 2018– Truly, this post is about going back in time, in more ways than one. Yes, it’s winter now and I still have to finish up our boating blog from this summer! So, while it’s a miserable 42 degrees and raining, sit back and dream of the coming summer on the water., Read More

Saturday July 28th – Today we are leaving the marina headed up Toba Inlet. Toba runs inland about 22 miles with steep forested walls, waterfalls and snowcapped peaks. Its remote, nothing around except the occasional logging camp. Todd and I were hoping to find a place to anchor for the night somewhere up the, Read More