Sunday July 28th 2019 – Time to get Skylar back to the hospital for a checkup. We left Squirrel Cove to arrive at the Powell River West View Marina about noon. We took a taxi to the hospital for Skylar’s 3pm apt. The surgeon was very concerned about infection and he wanted to make sure he was the one to see how the healing was coming. He was surprised at how well it was healing and thankfully there was no sign of infection.

We then taxied to the grocery store with Skylar hobbling along all the way where we reprovisioned the boat for the next several days. Skylar was really tired pretty out of it, so we stayed a couple nights in Powell River. Turned out not a bad place to be because the rain squalls and wind continued for 2 days. It was relaxing watching the Coast Guard boat come in and out along with the other boats trying to navigate the small waterway in front of us in adverse conditions. Lots of projects got accomplished on the boat while Skylar healed.

Tuesday July 30th – We left Powell River, got fuel and headed a couple hours back north to Desolation Sound where our friends were anchored in Prideaux Haven. We tied up to them as the rain just kept coming. For the next 3 nights we watched storm after storm come through with wind and rain. It wasn’t the normal Prideaux Haven experience, but it was a lot of fun and Skylar had more time to heal. Friday morning August 2nd the biggest squall came through. So much rain it was crazy, and our boats were getting pushed all over with the wind. So much rain this year, by far the wettest boating season we have ever had. But as fast as it came in it disappeared. The skies cleared and the sun came out like nothing had happened.

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