Julie and Ava puked all night long.  Ava was a super trooper and hardly even complained.  At one point they were both puking at the same time, Julie holding Ava’s hair so it didn’t get doused. As they tried to recover Skylar and I kept checking the crab pots.  A few more Rock Crab and, Read More

Another beautiful morning as the sun came up over Oro Bay.  Time to check 4 pots we set the night before, so all 4 of us piled in the dinghy to reap the bounty of the sea.  No Dungeness crab but each pot had a large Rock Crab.  We figured we better keep them,, Read More

Another big summer boating trip is about to begin!  Here’s the plan – July 29 cast-off for our adventure.  Return…..  Well we’re not sure yet, sometime at the end of August.  We decided to visit some cruising grounds we are very familiar with – the San Juan’s and Canada Gulf Islands.  We’ve cruised these, Read More