Gondola Sick


Monday July 8th – The kids have never been to Whistler and it’s been at least 20 years since Julie, or I have been there. So, with the weather report actually better up in Whistler, we decided to rent a car and drive up for the day.

Enterprise was kind enough to upgrade our car to a Suburban which sounded great, but I think we got tricked. We departed the Enterprise lot with ¼ tank of fuel and a car that looked like it had been through a war. Filthy dirty inside and out and drove like crap. Anyway, it got us there and the drive was beautiful.

Lunch at Earls in the village then we all hopped in the first gondola for the ride to the top. The ride was awesome and beautiful, but it became apparent that to get to the tippy top we had to take one more open-air chair lift. It was fun being out in the open even though a little cold. Then the “Peak to Peak” gondola took us from the top of Blackcomb across the valley to the top of Whistler. Wow, it was very high above the ground.

Ava started complaining about feeling a little “gondola sick” as she put it, but she toughed it out all the way back to the bottom.

The ride home was as beautiful as getting there then we dumped off the “upgraded” car and went to dinner in the city. Ava still complained about the “gondola sickness” but managed to eat just a little dinner.

Then it happened. 3:30am. We heard Ava moaning and crying from the bathroom. Oh boy, not good. The gondola sick turned into full blown puke sick. At least she managed to get at least some in the toilet. Julie and I watched the sun rise to the sounds of more puking and a massive amount of cleanup and disinfecting. Poor little Ava handled it pretty well, but she was in bad shape.

The whole next day was spent getting her better and hoping no one else gets it. Plans derailed again, now we had to stay a few more nights in Vancouver to wait out the incubation period. It would not be good if the rest of us got sick while we were further north with no services. Looks like our plans for the Broughton Islands way north will need to be changed.

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