TUESDAY – June 30st – Today our plan is to meet with the guys at American Tugs about some details of our new American Tug being built.  Our new boat was started a few weeks ago and we are super excited to see the progress! 

MONDAY – June 29th  –  We woke up early and got ready for a steep hike up the mountain.  With the dinghy securely anchored just off the beach we made our way up the trail.  Skylar just cruised up and Ava did an awesome job climbing all the rocks and roots.  The view from, Read More

SUNDAY – June 28th We left Spencer Spit with two potential destinations in mind – James Island or Watmough Bay on the south end of Lopez Island.  James Island is a little tiny island on the west side of Rosario Strait.  We have cruised past it many times but never stopped. This time the, Read More