Thursday August 15th 2019 – We left Silva Bay and headed south at slack water through Gabriola Passage. Continuing south we made our way to Montague harbor in the southern Gulf Islands. A nice provincial park anchorage but pretty busy. Hung out on the beach and did some hiking before dinghying to the sore for some ice cream.

Friday August 16th – Skylar’s knee was hurting so the 3 of us went on a little hike around island. Tried to make some calls and get email but not very good reception. Explored some more beaches then went to a funky little place for dinner called the Crane & Robbin.

Saturday August 17th – Today we decided to leave the big boat and dinghied 45 minutes to Ganges. Out in the open water the wind had kicked up throwing some spray over the dinghy. We pressed on but I was kind of nervous for the ride home. If it gets any worse, it will be a miserable ride if not dangerous. The weather was cloudy, windy and almost rainy but lunch outside around the firepit at the Oystercatcher was perfect. The farmers market provided some fun shopping, but I couldn’t shake the thought of bad weather for our ride home. We left the protected harbor concerned with what lie ahead but thankfully things had actually calmed down some.

Getting back to the big boat we decided a late departure was in order. Back to the USA! We crossed the US/Canada boarder while Ava walked from the back of the boat to the front saying “now I’m in Canada, now I’m in the US” several times. My newfound iPhone app which should make clearing customs easier didn’t work. So, I had to do it the old-fashioned way at the Roche Harbor customs dock.

Our friends TnT were already there so we met up with them and some of their friends who were staying at a cabin on Pearl Island. Great time with everyone sitting on the beach watching their dog Lilly roll in some nasty stinky something on the beach. We had a very late dinner at the Madrona Grill & watched colors.

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