Wednesday August 30th – We are leaving Seattle today ready to get back in the wild. Well, at least for one more night. Blake Island is our destination for our last night out. But first, we stocked up on some essentials at the public market and said our goodbyes to the love hate relationship, Read More

Sunday August 27th – On the way back south from every summer boat trip we have made it a tradition to spend a few nights in Seattle for some school clothes shopping. We had a nice cruise south from Port Townsand to Seattle’s Bell Harbor where we arrived to a boat occupying the slip, Read More

Saturday August 26th – Today we are crossing the Strait of Juan De Fuca and making our way south to Port Townsand. Port Townsand doesn’t have a customs dock so a few days ago we requested that the local customs agent meet us at our slip at Point Hudson marina and clear us there., Read More