Trail Blazers


Tuesday July 31st – The hot weather just keeps rolling. Day after day now of high 80’s to low 90’s has us in the water swimming a lot. So, we decided to stay in the warm Desolation Sound and headed to Tenedos for a few nights.

We made the short run then anchored tucked into a little cove. Some cliff jumping was calling us, so we all hiked to Unwin lake to cool off. The water was super warm. All of us jumped the cliffs, Skylar and Zach were the bravest, going the highest. A fun way to cool off.

Then next day we all took a 30-minute dinghy ride to Refuge Cove for lunch then Zach and Skylar wanted to blaze their own trail up to a peak just above our boats. They had a plan and gathered their trail blazing tools. They disappeared into the woods. After about 20 minutes we heard some rustling, yelling and a quick escape down to the water. They got into a bee’s nest and poor Zach got the worst of it! He must have got stung at least 8 times, but Skylar somehow escaped the swarm. Zach was a tough trooper! He held it together and kayaked back to the boat and received some medical attention. Needless to say, the trail blazers were done, and the peak was never conquered.

However, there is a different peak close by that someone at some point in the past braved the bee’s and made a trail. Trail is not actually quite the right word, it’s more of a scramble with ropes to help you up. It took some convincing to get Ava to go. A couple years ago she got stung quite a few times doing the scramble, actually we all did, except Skylar (I see a trend here). She finally agreed. You can’t tell by looking at her, but Ava actually loves doing hard hikes and climbing. After getting over the bee fear she loved it! And no one got stung.

Thursday Aug 2nd – Finally some cool weather! We woke up today to clouds and much cooler weather. A very nice break from the 90-degree days we’ve been having. Everyone just relaxed on the boats, doing small projects and soaking up the cool weather.

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