Crank it up!


Day 28 – Arriving in La Conner the night before, we were now ready for our 1:30pm haul out to replace the rudder shaft seal.  With some time in the morning we called our friend Steve who now sells American Tugs factory direct.  At some point we want a boat with 2 staterooms, so Steve was going to show us some options in their lineup.  We had a great time looking and dreaming about boats.  Nothing we are serious about now, but in a couple years these kids will be too big.  Exactly what we want they don’t have, but their new 48 set to come out in the next few months could fit the bill with some changes.  We had a great time discussing boats and having lunch with Steve.

The haul out and repair went smooth but now it was 3pm.  Our plan was to leave La Conner just after what should have been an 11am haul out, bound for Seattle, 55 miles away.  At 8 knots (our usual cruising speed) we would never make it before dark, so we cranked it up to the fuel sucking 13.5 knots.  The computer showed an arrival time of just before 8pm so we set off at the blistering pace.  The kids start school in just over a week, so Seattle will provide some much needed back to school shopping.

Upon arrival in Bell Harbor we were all pretty tired.  Ava went straight to bed while the 3 of us were soon to follow.  Tomorrow will be a big day for Ava walking all around the city doing what she hates, retail.

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