Home at Last


Day 29 & 30 – The last two days out on the water will be spent in Seattle school shopping for the kids, and cruising the last leg to our home port in Tacoma.  We woke up late with a great cup of coffee looking up at the city. Against the kids wishes, everyone got ready for a full day of back-to-school shopping.  It was a must though, the kids go back in a few days and this it our only opportunity.

Back in the big city after all that time bonding with nature can be a little shocking.  We ran around from store to store getting the kids everything they needed then had a great dinner at Ettas.

After getting up early the next day to wash the boat, we took off for the final run to Tacoma Yacht Club. Thankfully it was a nice calm day so my wash job stayed nice and clean.

30 days out on the boat with two kids is quite a long time.  It certainly has its challenges, but even after all that time no one really wanted to go home.  As we approached TYC we all talked about the fun we had and our favorite moments.  The time together in close quarters really helps us all become closer to each other. 

Trip Summary –

Tacoma – Sucia, 102nm
Sucia – Roche, 17.8nm
Roche – Pender, 10.4nm
Pender – Roche back to Montague, 32.4nm
Montague – Nanaimo, 28nm
Nanaimo – Garden Bay, 34.7nm
Garden Bay – Grace, 48.6nm
Grace – Tenedos, 9.67nm
Tenedos – Roscoe, 5.79nm
Roscoe – Laura, 5.83nm
Laura – Refuge, 8.39
Refuge – Teakerne – Squirl, 15.4nm
Squirl – Savary – Lund, 14.7nm
Lund – Nanaimo, 61.34nm
Nanaimo – Pirates, 11.1nm
Pirates – Ruxton – Ladysmith, 12nm
Ladysmith – Wallace, 15.9nm
Wallace – Otter, 14.2nm
Otter – Russell, 5.8nm
Russell – Sidney, 6.5nm
Sidney – Roche, 10.5nm
Roche – Sucia, 16.68nm
Sucia – LaConner, 30.6nm
LaConner – Seattle, 56.67nm
Seattle – Tacoma, 22nm

Total nautical miles traveled = 597.15   Thats 687.18 regular miles!
Fuel used 369 gallons = 1.61 miles per gallon
Engine hours = 86 hours 20 minutes

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