Long Day


Monday July 1st, 5:50am Julie and leave the Edmonds dock to our stern and head north for the start of a very long day! We have to make it to the south end of the Swinomish Channel before the extremely low -3 tide. At 9:15am we arrive at a zero tide and start through the channel. Our depth sounder read 5.4’ in some spots, thankfully we were not any later or we may have been grounded!

LaConner Maritime Services was waiting to haul us out of the water to have our underwater lights fixed. While the boat was on the hard, we had a great lunch at Seeds. The crew at American Tug installed new lights and fixed a bunch of other little things in quick fashion. So quick in fact that at 2:30 we were back in the water heading north again to Roche Harbor. Another 3.5-hour cruise and we arrived at Roche just after 6pm, a very long day! Our plan was to stay at Roche for the 4th but they don’t take reservations and they have a 3-night minimum which means if you get in on the 2nd you have to stay until the 5th. We got a slip assignment for the 1st but they said we would have to leave in the morning and anchor out until our name was called off the waiting list. Their system is crazy, we asked multiple people how it works, and everyone gave us a different answer.

We were all very tired but after dinner we did the “Loop Hike” to get some exercise then early to bed.

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